Binyamin Golden
Excerpt from ‘Messages from Heaven”

All of the wars that will occur in the future will be fought over the issue of religion. This is essentially one large war, the last war before the coming of our Mashiach (Messiah). Islam wants to rule over the world and the Christians will not let the Arabs rule.

The following can save us: unity, davening, saying Tehillim (Psalms) together, joy, and love (of G-d and of our fellow Jew). We must join together, and there is nothing better for unity than songs of love to G-d that Dovid HaMelech (King David) wrote – Tehillim. When G-d hears His people sing songs of love to Him, there is no stronger (positive) reaction in Heaven. A reaction of love, mercy, and salvation. Tehillim can unite the Jewish people with G-d and this by itself can bring the redemption. The instant that Jews are together with G-d, that itself is wholeness and completion. Tehillim is the connection; love songs of a people to its G-d.

Now nothing more need be said, now open your eyes and look well. See the signs and the warnings and the messages that G-d is sending us. Direct messages to the Jewish people: giant floods, earthquakes, bizarre deaths, cruel wars, cruel murders, and all the strange things that can possibly be.

Open your eyes and understand that G-d is speaking directly to us. Directly! Through nature, through wars, through all the things that are happening in the world. Open your eyes, Jewish people! Open your eyes and save yourself!

Don’t say, “I didn’t know.” Don’t say, “No one told me!” Your future and your family’s future is in your hands. In order to be ready and fit to live in the new world order you must change, accept upon yourself a yoke. Which yoke? The yoke of the One Who created you, Who keeps you alive every instant, Who holds your life and your soul in His hand. Until now you ignored Him as if you didn’t recognize this fact. No more! You cannot ignore this any longer, since whoever ignores this will reach a point that he cannot correct that which he ruined, Heaven forbid!

You must begin to fulfill His word and to do whatever He demands of you. Yes, yes, right: Keep Shabbos, eat only Kosher food, put on Tefillin, keep Taharas Hamishpachah (family purity), be modest in dress, speech, and action. We must remember that breaches in these matters distance us from G-d and from His protection, and cause Jewish blood to be spilt.

We must increase Torah learning, and acts of kindness with our Jewish brethren. Heaven forbid that we should hate another Jew, or cause someone any damage, even if he or she is different from us in opinions or dress.

Whoever acts in these days for the sake of unity of the Jewish nation and acts to strengthen the connection between Jews and their Father in Heaven increases his chances to live. The total opposite is true for those who instigate strife, gossip, and arguments.

You need to daven and request mercy for yourself, your family, and for all of the Jewish people. Saying Tehillim will help very, very much, especially if you say them with a group of people.

You must subjugate yourself to the rule of G-d and accept Him as the King upon yourself, and agree to fulfill all that which He commanded you in His Torah. Dear Jews! We must remind ourselves again and again that we are not alone, we have a Father in Heaven that loves us. A merciful Father who helps us and supports us. This is what Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, “If people knew what a love G-d has for Israel, they would roar like lions to pursue Him.”

The holy Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria) revealed to his student Rabbi Chaim Vital that in these generations, every Jew who searches for G-d, and keeps His Torah and mitzvos, is very important in Heaven. It is possible that even a “simple Jew” in this generation, who struggles to be faithful to G-d and His Torah, is as highly valued as a great, holy person in past generations.

The Ba’al Shem Tov, in his holy understanding, added that anyone who turns to G-d, He will support him and help him, hand in hand, like a father helps his young son as he tries to walk his first steps.

Rabbi Nachman from Breslov advised every Jew, no matter what his condition, to always be happy with every good deed, every mitzvah, and every good point that he finds within himself. You should long for G-d, want to be with Him, and always be comfortable to speak to G-d about whatever is on your heart.

Remember that Avraham our father was call “ha’ivri,” (ivri means “on the other side”). He was against everyone in his time. He gave us the strength to stand against the whole world and to be on the other side, apart from all of the people who err, each one in his own way. Come, let us use this strength that is embedded within us. If not now, when?

We must know the truth in all matters connected to the war: really there isn’t any Arab-Israeli conflict. The conflict is between us and our G-d, and this is the source of all of our problems. Don’t let us fool ourselves that there is some nationalistic solution; there isn’t. The sand in the hourglass is running out, and there isn’t anywhere to run. Anyone with any sense can see that there is only one way to reach our rescue, and that is peace between us and our Father in Heaven, to return to Him. Race towards Him and hide under the cover of his wings, shout out to Him for help and He will surely save us.

If only we understood this, we would all return to G-d, humble ourselves before Him, and say with conviction and wholeheartedly, “We believe and trust only in You. We want You and only You, and we will do what You want.” Then we would save ourselves from all the misfortune that the future has in store. We would be worthy of a quick and complete redemption. It would be with kindness and mercy, through miracles and wonders; endless salvations. Why should we suffer for nothing? Why? Why??

Dear Jew, open your eyes! Think about what is going on and prepare yourself for a campaign that will determine your everlasting future. Wake up, wake up dear brothers and sisters for the honor of G-d-for this is why we were created! For us Jews this war will be the hardest of all. In addition to the dangers that lie in wait for the whole world, the Jewish people must stand up against a more difficult war, and that is a moral war about intellectual faith and wholehearted faith in the Creator of the universe. In all respects this is the last test, and whoever succeeds is the real champion.

Soon the Creator of the world will reveal his strength and send his Mashiach who will create a new world order. Life in a different pattern-under the rule of G-d. Soon G-d will reveal the truth that is so painfully lacking.

Those who’s main aspiration is spirituality and closeness with G-d will properly prepare themselves for the future and will be entitled to a great light that the world has never known. Life which is real; a good that the mind cannot fathom, and fulfillment of all the promises that G-d made to those who will be loyal to Him.


The Creator is preparing us for an upheaval. The world as we know it is about to end; the end will come quickly. The end is coming and we feel it, it is so clear. The world has come to a dead-end; no way out. In Israel there is a crisis and a general collapse: in education, in the economy, socially-where not? We are like a lost flock without a shepherd, and it seems like there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel.


G-d is in the process of dismantling the world of falsehood and anxious to give birth to the world of truth. We, the Jewish people, are sitting, looking, pondering, and suffering, but we are like a drunk who doesn’t move. We are not crying out and we aren’t trying to change. We must conclude that we are with G-d. He can do everything, and only He can save us.

Many Jews feel strongly that in spite of all this, the Israeli Defense Force is the determining factor in war, or it is the Prime Minister. The Bank of Israel determines the fate of the economy. Maybe Wall Street and the foreign markets in the world still believe in the capabilities of the private person to determine his fulfillment and to succeed in every circumstance. They still believe that finances are in man’s hands, that everything will work out, and the world will return to pre-9/11. The world will not go back to be how it was. G-d slaughtered the “Golden Calf” and even the economy will not be like it was. The world is standing in the face of a very complicated war.

According to the prophets, Edom (the Western world) will pay the biggest price and none of them will be left at all. No Jew will be left in the Diaspora-meaning that they will have to leave and come to Israel.

Jews! Jews! All of this can be sweetened and the salvation can come easily, with joy. Why suffer? G-d is giving us a short time in order to correct things, and to return to Him.

Jews, daven! Daven! Fill the whole world with davening and Tehillim (Psalms). Daven, beseech, request forgiveness and pardon from G-d. Cry, promise to yourself to return to a life of truth. Ultra-orthodox, religious, non-religious-the whole Jewish people is one under the banner of G-d.

If everyone would gather together and daven like they should and decide to change, then we would see a great redemption. It would come much more easily.

Jewish people-open your eyes! There’s no time, there’s no safe place in the world. There isn’t one safe place in the entire world. Just one place-next to G-d!!!

Jewish people-don sack clothes and ashes! Go to holy places and ask forgiveness from G-d, determine to return to Him. Flood the streets in your multitudes, cry out and cry to beg that G-d should save us. Go home and act like you just promised. Exclaim together: The Lord is G-d! The Lord is G-d! The Lord is G-d! Everyone can change himself now, right now. It takes one second.

It’s not enough to change yourself after everything has collapsed and the army has no success, then suddenly to decide ‘we believe in G-d.’ We must decide this and choose it before the truth becomes 100% clear. In the near future, after everyone has chosen his or her own position, most people won’t even have the time to change their minds.

In order to save ourselves we have to go back to G-d, to trust Him, to believe in Him, to love Him, to do His mitzvos, to accept the whole Torah without conditions. A person was born essentially in order to do four things: to daven, to do acts of kindness, to keep the mitzvos, and to learn Torah. That’s what we need to do.

The Divine Presence today is very sad, because she knows what is waiting for the Jewish people. She so much longs for her people and she doesn’t want them to suffer. She is waiting for them to return to her in joy and good will.

There is a wall between us and G-d. That wall is materialism, the desire for wealth, houses, possessions. When we take down that wall then there’s no difficulty in reaching spiritual heights, reaching to G-d.

To choose to be faithful to G-d, to the Torah and the mitzvos, is the choice to live. Free choice is in your hands. If not now, when? When?


G-d is gently educating us; He has mercy on us, and loves us. He is trying to save us in a good way and we need to see the miracles. The many, many miracles. Why? In order to wake us up, to wake up the whole community. The instant we see a miracle we say, “Wow! What a miracle!” Everyone says that it was a miracle. But after a day or two days we go back to work and forget everything.

The Mashiach is with us. In every generation he is with us. The question is, ‘when will he reveal himself?’ This must be soon. The time has run out.

When we forsake G-d and worship the Golden Calf (meaning the pursuit of wealth, excess materialism, honor, etc.) we make a wall between us and between spirituality.

We are weak and we give strength to all the terrorists. If we were close to G-d they wouldn’t have any chance at all. They would be like a balloon that lost its air.

You want a good life. You want money, you want success, you want everything. Good children, health, a good husband, a good wife, a car, a credit card. You want everything. But, what are you giving?? G-d gives the Jews Torah and asks one simple thing: to live according to the Torah. He doesn’t ask for anything else. If we are so defiant as to go against the King of Kings, without a second thought, then what do we want?

G-d wants to save us, so instead of making a tremendous earthquake that would wipe out all the evil ones, He makes a small one with only a few sacrifices. This is in order to send a message. We’re not paying attention to the fact that G-d is talking, shouting, and whispering to us, “Return! Return! Return!” If you don’t, He will choose only those who really accepted the yoke of Heaven, that really know the truth, that truthfully choose G-d. The ones that really love Him, that really trust in Him.

How do the Jews win their wars? Who are the enemies of the Jewish people? Were the Romans or the Germans our enemies? In our times are the Arabs our enemies?

The chilling truth is that we are always our own worst enemies. When we are (either as individuals or in groups) people who trust in G-d, when we know that G-d does everything, that we are only His servants here to do His will: to learn Torah and to keep the mitzvos, then the Jewish people are protected totally by our Creator.

We are used to thinking that, ‘if there will be a victory over the Arabs’ or ‘when we will sign a peace treaty with them’…now we are safe, Israel is safe. This is a comical thought of a blind person! The truth is that if we do the will of G-d totally and we fully trust in Him-then we are totally safe and there is nothing to fear.

Be aware of the truth, understand these things and accept them with all of your senses. Close your mind to nationalistic lies that are based upon ‘my own strength.’ This is the denial of G-d! Put on tallis and tefillin, cry out to the Creator that He should help you; accept His sovereignty in totality.

Free yourselves from your false gods. Direct all of your will to fulfilling His will, without any doubt. He is everything. Don’t make the mistake of Adam in the Garden of Eden; that can destroy all of us. We are not higher beings, even though we were created in the image of G-d.


We are the last generation, so we must correct all of the past mistakes. We are reaching the state when there is no one to depend upon except for G-d, and this is in fact the goal. The darkness grows stronger, it will be very heavy, and there won’t even be a crack of light. We will be forced to go in total darkness, and only those with trust will succeed in getting through.

When all of the Jews will accept the truth, and not the falseness of the “peace seekers” then the redemption will come. The Temple will be rebuilt, and we will go into the security of the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.

When every Jew will say ‘Sh’ma Yisrael’ with full trust, total faith, then we’ll know that we won the constant war. We beat the real enemy. The one who really threatens the Jewish people since our existence-the evil inclination.


The Mashiach is about to reveal himself, but there are other things that are going to happen until them. So, the nation must be together, first with G-d, and also with each other, together with G-d.

Throughout the world, a Jew will be a target of hatred. Whatever we depended upon in the past -arms, an army, reason, Western thought, doctors, medicine, and everything else we rely upon like money, banks etc., all of it will collapse. We will remain alone with G-d. Someone who will realize, at the moment of truth, that we don’t need all of the above mentioned means of security -that all we need is G-d…whoever understands that simple fact will be saved. Whoever not, will not be saved! The prophets wrote exactly what will happen.

We asked, we spoke, we begged the Jewish people to turn to G-d, but now we’ve come to the beginning of the end, and it will snowball. The thing that will make it easier for everyone is honest davening together. Jews together with Tehillim (Psalms), Tehillim, Tehillim. Especially together. Although individuals can also do good, groups of people together is much stronger. G-d collects all the Tehillim and prayers and uses them exactly at the right time, always for our good.

Seventy wolves against one little lamb-who will win?

Who will win? The messenger of G-d, the Mashiach, or the gentiles? Look at how bad our situation is, we are like total orphans. Woe Jewish people, a lost generation, without real leadership. Like it is written: Before the Mashiach comes, the generation will be orphans without leaders.

But really, the redemption is close and there isn’t anything to be afraid of except for a person’s inner desire to do wrong. Who will prevail over this difficulty? Only those who are close to the truth, who hold onto G-d’s hand and won’t let go. They are the only ones who will get through this.

The Western world is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They dress up like a pious one: freedom, liberty, equality. They represent the desires and materialism of this world and conceal and distort the truth. There the face of G-d is hidden.

Jewish people, I’m very worried about you; I’m one of you. That’s why I’m even more worried. Why? Because we are sleeping a deep sleep and G-d is trying all different ways to wake us up. Every day there are new tragedies, wars, illnesses, natural disasters. All of this is for Israel and the whole world, for Jews and for gentiles…

We can save ourselves, but just like our history in ancient Egypt, whoever didn’t want to look and see, didn’t leave. The Rabbis told us that four fifths of the Jewish people didn’t want to leave Egypt. They died there before we left. It will be just like that now, in the final redemption with the Mashiach.

However, it’s in our hands to save ourselves if only we understand our condition and return to the truth and come close to the Creator. We are living in a time just before the end of the exile and now the evil inclination is running wild.

Things are not like the 1930’s and 40’s when we saw with our own eyes real monsters, and Hitler said exactly what he wanted to do. Now, things are much worse because now we don’t know who the enemy is. This is the main problem.

The struggle is not against the Arabs and not against any defined enemy. The war is against the evil inclination.

Every person has an evil inclination and this is the inner enemy.

Jewish people! Whether you want or whether you don’t want-change! Falseness will be exposed and the evil inclination will be destroyed.

The two world powers, the West and the Arabs, will fight each other in an awesome war. One of them will defeat the other and the victor will come with his troops against the Jewish people. G-d will save his beloved people, but only those Jews who have full trust in G-d. Only those Jews who longed for the Mashiach, only those Jews who wanted to be close to the Creator. Only those will survive.

After that, there will be peace in the world, truth will reign, the third Temple will be rebuilt and the Mashiach will be crowned.

Real love, love of G-d and His Torah and mitzvos will cover the face of the earth. Strife, arguments, and war will disappear.

This message is fit for every Jew-ultra orthodox, modern orthodox, traditional, and secular. This is the message and it is the truth. Like a letter from Heaven to tell you exactly what is expected from you.

I bless all of you, every Jew that is alive today, man and woman, all ages, that all of us together will merit to quickly receive the Mashiach!!!

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