Excerpt from ‘Messages from Heaven”

One last message was saved in order to be given to the American frum (orthodox) community on the 9th of Av, when both of our Holy Temples were destroyed.

Why dafka (particularly) to America and the America Frum yid (orthodox jew)? Because the U.S. is the last place in the world where Torah will flourish, and is flourishing, before Moshiach’s arrival. This must be said because the U.S. is the example for all other frum communities of the world since World War II, and has exported her style of our Holy Torah to all other kehillos (Jewish communities) all over the world.

And now I must say how much I weep every day and worry and beg that Hashem have pity on all of us. But as much as He is warning us, the U.S frum society, we are not listening. The tragedies lately, go far beyond the norm, and the Jews that are dying daily, young, middle-aged, and old, are far beyond the numbers that would normally be. Still we do not listen.

We keep going on day by day with our superficial yiddishkaeit (Judaism). At this point, many will say – “Oy, but we are so good! We have so much Torah, so much chesed (acts of loving-kindness). You are not allowed to be mekatreg (criticize) Am Yisroel!”. However, I am not speaking badly about Am Yisroel.

I am crying out in order to save disillusioned yiden (Jews) from destruction, in order to bring us to the yeshuah (redemption) with as few korbanos (losses) as possible. We are going into total darkness. The yeshuash will not come by the darkness becoming gradually lighter and lighter. It will become darker and darker, until suddenly the light will burst forth.

Only those who truly wait and want the yeshuah, only those who truly trust and love Hashem, will survive, Just like in Mitzrayim (Egypt). But these kinds of words do not impress my American brethren, because not even the untimely deaths of their loved ones move them into a different direction.

Why does death not make them fear?
Why does tragedy not make them change?
The reason is that we have become cooled off. We are not feeling the fiery love of Hashem. We do not cry over our Bais Hamikdash (Holy Temple) because our hearts have been cooled off. The gashmius (materialism) has cooled us off and we have ceased to have a true yiddishe (Jewish) heart.

Without the heart there can be no connection to the emes (truth). We live in the last golus (exile), which is Edom. Today, Edom and Amalek are mixed together. Edom is olam hazeh (this world). It is the pig who has cleft hoof and pretends to be righteous when inside it is tumah (impure). Edom is the epitome of gashmius. The gashmius that is our generation’s egel hazahav (golden calf). And Amalek’s job is to cool us off. To take us away from the truth.

In order to connect to truth, we must have a fire within. Fire of Hakadosh Boruch Hu (The Holy One, blessed be He). Fire of Torah and mitzvos (commandments). That connects us to the truth. The gashmius and amalek pull us in, make us their friends, show us the wonders of the superficial world and cool us off, And therefore, the Torah of America is nowhere near or similar to the Torah of Europe and before.

I know I will receive much anger at this statement, but it is the truth. When a yungerman (young merried man) goes into kollel (study group) with a cell phone or allows his wife to wear a human hair sheitel (wig) or allows his wife to work in an office with men or goes to see a movie or eats questionable food or goes to Disneyland or any one of the hundreds of things people do that are not even considered against Yiddishkeit, this person can not really learn or give over Torah.

When leaders, Rosh Yeshivahs, Rosh Kollels feel obligated to gevirim (the wealthy) that support them and must lower their standards of yiddishkeit because of this, then their Torah can not be Torah. When Am Yisroel is tolerant of one another because each one wants to keep his little aveiros (sins) without criticism, then the Torah can not be Torah.

When the 9th of Av comes and we do not sit on the ground with ashes on our head and cry bitter tears and feel our hearts break because we have been cooled off by the materialistic world, then we are goners, chas veshalom (Heaven forbid).

We have built stone houses that were meant to last many generations. We decorate them and leave them to our children. We build them with the thought that our children will one day inherit it. We think that when Moshiach comes, these house will fly to Eretz Yisroel. But they will never get off the ground. They Will crumble. Because We are so comfortable in them that even if the shofar (ram’s horn) would blow clearly, we would not leave them and run.

You must know that it is forbidden to build such homes in chutz laaretz outside of Eretz Yisroel) unless it is built primarily for chesed. But those who know the din (Jewish law) attach the chesed so it will be mutar (permitted), but that cannot fool Hakadosh boruch Hu.

It is like a king who has a son, The king’s son misbehaved and was sent out of the palace. A prince banished from his home, but longing for his father and to return to the palace. He wandered from place to place until he settled down. He kept the dress, the clothing of a prince, and continued writing home to his father, begging him to let him come home once again, and longing to be reunited with the king, and waiting for the day that he would be reinstated as his father’s true heir.

But as time passed he settled down, married and built a home. The day finally came when the king sent messengers to bring him home, The day he had longed for had finally arrived. However, he was used to his new surroundings, to his home. He send the messengers back, saying that he would first settle his affairs and then come home.

When the shofar blows, will we drop everything and run? No, we won’t! Most of the yidden will hesitate. First we’ll ask the gedolim (spiritual leaders) “Is it true?”. We must be very, very carfull not to influence our leaders, who will be afraid to say, “Yes it’s true!” because the olam (Jewish populace) doesn’t really want to leave.

In Mitzrayim it was clearer. Moshe Rabeinu came straight from Hakadosh Boruch Hu with clear signs. The ten plagues, no one could argue with, and even though the yidden didn’t have such a luxurious life like we do in America, still most of the yidden had gotten used to their lives and really didn’t want to leave. Most were swallowed by the darkness, and only some left.

Hashem is giving us a very clear warning. 9/11 was a warning. Many people interpreted it as a sign that we are doing o.k. That the frum community is doing fine because Hashem made so many nissim (miracles). Saved so many yidden. The truth is that He was warning that if we do not detach ourselves from the gashmius whose symbol is, or was, the World Trade Center, then we will “chas yeshalom” crumble together with all of Edom. He had rachmanus (pity) on us and only a few frum lives were lost. But the message was to us.

Since them, so many strange premature deaths and tragedies have hit our community. Don’t you realize it is a warning? Don’t you realize that of all the nevuos (prophecies), one nevuah in particular must happen, and that is that Edom will be totally destroyed !

Who is Edom? The Christian world, countries like Europe and America. Read the nevous. Read them. They will sound very familiar, because so much of it is happening in our times. So many of the nevuos have already happened.

Am Yisroel, my American frum brothers and sisters, detach yourselves from the lies, the gashmius. Come to Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Become real sons and daughters of Hashem. Make your lives from morning to night full of prayer, mitzvos, and avodas Hashem (service of Hashem). Don’t begin yelling at me that, “We have to have parnossoh (a livelibood)! You can’t give your whole life to Hashem!”.

Let me remind you that there is no parnossoh without Hashem. There is nothing without Hashem. He is causing us to suffer because we have become chilled out, frozen up. We are totally insensitive to yiddishkeit, the true yiddishkeit. The videos, all the shiurim(lectures) we get on times like Tisha B’Av are more entertainment for us to forget our fast than true teshuva (repentance).

I will give you a small idea, a small preview, of times to come. We are very close to the end. The darkness will become greater. Those who see the truth will survive. The only way to see truth is to come close to Hashem. The only way to come close to Hashem is to renounce your gashmiusdik life. I know it’s true that an immodest person can be generous and do chesed, but the chesed is incomplete because the person arouses the other person to want to do an aveirah (sin).

A person who steals in business but gives much tsedakah (charity) can never do teshuvah because he is sure he is a tsadik. A yungerman who learns but lets his wife dress inappropriately and lets her learn in so-called frum colleges can never do teshuvah because he is sure that he is a tsadik. The list goes on and on in all kinds of variations.

Learn to cry, learn to denounce the olam hazeh, come close to your Father in Heaven, cry on His shoulder. Cry out to Him and beg Him to forgive us all. Really long for Moshiach, even if you have to give up your stone house, chandeliers and swimming pool. Run to him, make your life His from morning to night.

I want to add that Edom will be completely destroyed, according to all the major neviim. And I want you to know that Hashem can also destroy Edom without an atomic bomb. He can cause it to crumble totally, miraculously.

And I also want to say to my brethren that the only way to stop this is to come together as one nation and beg Hashem through tefillos (prayers) to save us all and forgive us all. It is widely known that when Am Yisroel comes together to daven (pray), no force in the world can counter it.

So come together all Am Yisroel, in America and outside. Put ashes on your head and beg Hashem to save us. And if not, then we will crumble as twin towers crumbled. And disappear in the dust, as did 3,000 korbanos (sacrifices).

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