Excerpt from ‘Messages from Heaven”

Time is racing by. Every one who can see, even a little, can feel the speed of the way life is moving. The rhythm, the slow waltz, that once was characteristic of the movement of time has all but disappeared, and now the drums roll and time speeds by and we are all hanging on for dear life.

This is the situation the world is in now: racing time, wild and frightening. Until the end – which will come very soon.

The destruction of the twin towers signaled and activated the final part of our history, the history from Har Sinai until the crowning of Moshiach Tzidkeinu, bimhera beyomeinu. But from this moment until the end, what can we do in order to make the transition from the world of lies to the world of Truth?

A mother is ready to give birth. Her child is a reality but hidden, not seen by anyone. But the mother knows the child very well, she feels his kick, his heart beat. She knows he exists. And then the terrible rush of pain, the final moments before the child will reveal his existence.

The terrible pain of the birth, of the child forcing his way into the world. And then peace, contentment, relief and simcha when the child is presented to his mother, the mother who always knew of his existence. So now the truth has been revealed.

The child is for real and everyone can see him clearly. Not the imagination of the mother, but truly a baby, a human baby. We are now beginning the pains of birth, beginning the last and most difficult part of the birth. The heaviest pain the most difficult struggle. But in the end it will reveal itself. The great Yeshuah, the Geulah, will be born. And with it Moshiach and with Moshiach the Beis Hamikdash and with the Beis Hamikdash complete peace, welfare, good, love, and simcha, all wrapped up in Torah, mitzvos, chesed, love of Hashem, total bitachon and emunah.

This is the picture of what will be. But now we must translate this into more practical ideas in order for every Yid to understand completely what Truth is and what this birth will reveal. Am Yisroel is now in a period of choice: To choose between Hashem and man. To choose whether to trust Hashem or the soldiers, policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers, insurance men, etc.

The Egel Hazahav [materialism] is dying and the Truth is being born. The lie will vanish forever and the Truth will reign. But most Jews want to hold on to the lie, to the Olam Hazeh. They have become very comfortable in the golus and will not be ready to leave when the shofar blows.

Only those who really wait for Moshiach will be able to disconnect immediately and run to Eretz Yisroel without hesitation, thought or fear. Noach built the taivah for 120 years. He tried to warn the people of the earth what was going to happen but they were not willing to leave the lie behind, so they just laughed at Noach.

From Tisha B’Av World War 1 (WW 1 started on Tisha B’Av) from that moment, we started the beginning of the end. The crash of 1929, World War 2 and all the wars and so on until September 11 (at which time the heart of Olam Hazeh was destroyed): trying to teach the Yidden and the world what is lie and what is Truth.

Lie is Olam Hazeh with its superficial sentimentality and Truth is closeness to Hashem. Am Yisroel! The time has come to make your choice! Fear or trust in Hashem? Complete trust! Each one will choose – but only baaley bitachon will live to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu

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