Binyamin Golden
Excerpt from ‘Messages from Heaven”

Reasoning people will agree that in a military conflict the force with the most seasoned soldiers, the most advanced military machinery, and the most advanced technical knowledge has the best chance to win the war. Sometimes the weaker force wins, but that is always easily explained logically. For example in World War II, Hitler with his stronger army was stopped at the Russian front by the snow, cold and huge amount of Russians.

Here in the middle east, Israel has won several wars against her Arab neighbors. Israel is a very small country with a very small population and still she has managed to defeat her enemies who are great in size, population and financial wealth. But such victories are easily explained by logical Jews and gentiles alike. The reasoning goes something like this; really the Israelis had the upper hand because America helped her with money, equipment and technical knowledge. The Israelis, the people of the book, are well educated with the most advanced technical knowledge. Her enemies are largely uneducated and primitive. In light of this argument it is easily understood why the Israelis won and continue to win.

How are Jewish wars really won? Who are the real enemies of the Jews? Were the Romans or Germans our enemies? In present times are the Arabs our enemies? The terrible truth that logic hides is that we Jews have always been our own worst enemies. All the other so-called enemies of the Jews have grown out of distancing ourselves from our Creator. This is the way it works. When the Jews individually and as a group have Bitochon B’Hashem, complete faith in G-d, when they know that G-d makes everything happen, that we are only His servants here to do His will, to learn Torah and do Mitzvot then we the Jewish people are completely protected by our Maker.

We may think that once the Arabs are defeated or when we are at peace with them, then we are safe, Israel is safe. Ridiculous reasoning by blind people. The truth is if we are doing Hashem’s Will fully and put our complete trust in Hashem then we are totally safe. We then have no fear or worry.

Jews listen to my words. I have nothing to gain from what I am writing to you. Take the truth into your minds. Understand what I am saying and accept it with all your senses. Close your minds to the lies of the nationalists, the deniers of G-d’s Greatness. Stop the advocates of democracy — freedom to reject Eternal Truth by popular vote. Put on your teffilin, wrap yourselves up in your talleisim, cry out to your Maker for help and accept wholeheartedly G-d’s Kingship. Strip away all your false gods and direct all your desires into doing His Will. Know without doubt that He is All. Do not make the mistake of Adom Harishon, that can destroy us all. We are not G-d, even though He created us in His image. There is only one Creator and we are His servants.

When all Jews accept this truth and not the lies of the war mongers and peace makers alike, then salvation will come and the Beis Hamikdash will be reestablished and we all will be safe in our Father’s loving arms. When every Jew can say Shema Yisroel with full trust and belief then we will have finally won the eternal war and will have defeated the true enemy, the only enemy that ever posed any danger to the Jewish people — the yetzer harah.

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