Rabbi Shimon Kessin

Every generation in our history is covered in blood, why is this so?

When you read any book on Jewish history you become aware of a stark realization. Almost every era, every generation in our history is covered in blood, the blood of countless Jews killed in conquests, pogroms, crusades, inquisitions and holocausts. Even today in our own time, there are major Jewish communities, notably in Israel, South America, Europe and in the former USSR, who are surrounded by enemies anxiously waiting to drink their blood. In Israel, the continuous occurrences of suicide bombings and the recent shelling of katyusha rockets from Lebanon in the north and Gaza in the south, where over the course of the past few years hundreds of Jews have been killed or maimed, has made the current climate almost unbearable to live in.

The generation of the biblical King Achav

But why is this so? Why are we, as a people, so condemned? What do we do to deserve this? The usual answer that is given is that we are being punished because we have sinned, that we have failed to obey the commandments of the Torah in the proper way. If this were the whole truth, however, then we would expect that the sufferings of a generation would be commensurate with its transgressions. The more sins committed, the greater the suffering and tragedy. Yet, we know as a matter of historical fact that this is not so. The generation of the biblical King Achav sinned grievously with idolatry, yet they did not suffer greatly. Other generations sinned even less so, yet they suffered much more. If sin is the only factor behind Jewish suffering, then why are there such irregularities? Obviously then, there must be other factors behind Jewish tragedies. What can they be?

Sins are not the only cause of our suffering

Our Chazal have given us the key to solve this problem. They tell us that our sins are not the only cause of our sufferings. Just as damaging is the lack of brotherhood, the lack of peace and the presence of Loshon Hora and Rechilus. When the Jewish people are united as a family and are at peace with one another, when there is minimal Loshon Hora and Rechilus amongst them, then sufferings cannot descend upon them even when they deserve them because of their sins. On the other hand, when there is no brotherhood and unity as a family, when there is rampant Loshon Hora and Rechilus, then all the punishments and sufferings due to them because of their sins tragically befall them.

The absence of Loshon Hora and Rechilus act as a shield that protects the Jewish people

Clearly, unity as a family, peace, and the absence of Loshon Hora and Rechilus act as a shield that protects the Jewish people against suffering and tragedy even where there are many sins. But why is this so? What is the underlying truth behind Chazal‘s teachings? This booklet will answer this question in two parts. Parts one and two will deal with the issue of how the presence of Loshon Hora and Rechilus causes our sufferings and tragedies. Part three will deal with the issue of how the absence of brotherhood and unity amongst us causes these same results.

We must understand this in order to survive as a people. We have too many enemies waiting to devour us to be ignorant of this critical truth. It is a matter of life and death. Our generation must finally solve this great puzzle and we must do it now. There is no time to lose.

The goal of this booklet

This series has been written to begin this process. It will attempt to clearly explain what our Chazal meant. It will present techniques with which to fix these concepts in our minds and incorporate them in our lives. Let it be read by every person who calls himself/herself a Jew. Let it be read and reread until there is a clear light shining in the mind where there was once darkness. Let this information be shared by all Jews who value life and spiritual well being.

This booklet has been written anonymously. It has but one purpose. It is to give the Jewish people a weapon against suffering and tragedy and to bring them closer to their father in Heaven. Let this booklet elevate all Jews so that their heavenly father can have true nachas from them. May Hashem, the father, have true joy from the children He loves so dearly.

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