Binyamin Golden
Excerpt from ‘Messages from Heaven”

I want the Jews of America to know that they are not safer than the ones living in Eretz Yisroel. They must realize that Hashem is losing patience because the Geula is waiting to arrive and cannot be delayed any longer. But we Jewish people are causing the delay and therefore Hashem must help us to realize our mistake in order to allow salvation to come upon us.

First, the nonreligious Jews – those who are at war with Hashem, Chas Veshalom – will not be able to win. They will fall and disappear from all eternity. But first they will realize, like the Egyptians as they drowned in the sea, Who is Boss. The Jews who have no knowledge of their Jewish heritage cannot use it anymore as an excuse. Because today everyone can get all the information he wants on any subject in the world while sitting at his table. So for a person never to search out his own origins is simply an act of laziness, ignorance and a desire to ignore truth in order to continue wallowing in the physical pleasures of this world. So these people will suffer much, however, at the end, accept truth wholeheartedly, will be saved.

The next group of Jews are the ones who believe they can live in two worlds. Keeping Shabbos but not covering their heads, neither the men or the women – or just the men and not the women – or think they can eat kosher at home but outside eat vegetarian in any restaurant. These people make up rules according to their desires. They feel they are traditional Jews and still part of the modern world. These Jews have a very hard time accepting the truth that they are like the ones who revolt against Hashem, Chas Veshalom, because they have the chutzpa to sit in the palace of the King and openly deny His rules and regulations.

Now we come to the religious – the so-called ultraorthodox group of Jews. These Jews hold the future in their hands – the ones that are supposed to be the closest to Hashem. But what is the truth? The truth is that the frum community is reeking with the stench of Olam Hazeh, of worshipping the Egel Hazahav with all the negative things that come with it. And these so-called frum Jews – who spend their days shopping, making parties – of course, for tzedaka, but parties nevertheless – taking vacations, buying outrageous wigs, fur coats, jewelry, cars – these same Jews have brought into frum life, movies, videos, CD-roms, all the dirt of the non-frum American world.

Therefore, we now find in our world of Kodesh – adultery, theft, even a lack of belief in Hashem. And these same people are influencing the rest. Some are dressed modern enough to identify them: men in smartly tailored suits, expensive hats, gold cuff links and maybe a bit of a beard – women dressed in elaborate wigs, much make-up, gaudy jewelry and striking clothes – many not exactly up to standards of Tznius. But there are the others that also enter into this category. And those are the men who still dress in long black coats, sport long payos and beards, wear streimels or sbuddoks on Shabbos, and still live like their more modern-looking counterparts. Their wives look very much like the more modern ones – maybe a bit more toned down.

Now you have the yeshivishe world, who are living on the work of their wives. Yes, their wives, who now go to a frum college so they can support their husbands’ learning – but frum colleges are not kosher at all and they learn many forbidden things. And then they are sent into the world to earn money so their husbands can learn. Many work in offices, even frum offices, where adultery is common practice, where Tznius is forgotten almost completely. And this money is supposed to support Torah. And every bochur is looking for such a girl.

Oy vai, Am Yisroel! The most erlich of people are struggling very hard in America, because to stay really frum is not easy – because the Yetzer Hara is now wearing a yarmulka, payos and a beard. Everything has a hechsher but almost nothing is really kosher. Am Yisroel, American Jews, save yourselves. The end is not far off. The troubles in Eretz Yisroel do not mean that you are safe. Hashem wants to save you. He loves you. He wants you back. Throw out the gods of money, lust and honor. Throw them out completely.

Come back to truth, complete truth. Throw away your silly masks, your gaudy wigs, your baroque clothes, and come back to being erliche Yidden. The only thing that I will add is fighting – machlokes; that will kill first. First machlokes will kill. And you have witnessed many tragedies. They all have to do with worshipping foreign gods and machlokes. I bentch Am Yisroel in America that you should accept truth before it is too late, before the great darkness descends upon us all. Strengthen your mitzvos. Throw out all unnecessary gashmiyus.

Come back to your Father in Heaven – truly – and save yourselves and your families. I bentch all with a Gemar Tov and a great yeshuah. But strengthen your bitochon in Hashem, your belief in Hashem, your love of Hashem, because in this great darkness not a glimmer of light will appear; and only those who have complete trust in Hashem will be able to survive. You cannot suddenly get it. You must develop such a trust, and only those who really try to be Hashem’s servants will make it.

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