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We are excited to present the Jewish Heritage Foundation's comprehensive phone and online Torah Library! Our library offers hundreds of inspirational shiurim, classes and lectures with an emphasis on the inner dimension of Torah.

These lectures feature works from some of Judiasm's greatest luminaries, which include Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, The Ariezal, Rav Shalom Sharabi, The Vilna Gaon, The Baal Shemtov, The Ramchal, Toras Chochom, The Leshem... and many more!

These lectures can also be accessed over the phone anywhere in the world at your convenience by calling the Jewish Heritage Foundation's Torah phone line at (718) 906-6455.


Our newly designed, interactive, user friendly website offers hundreds of Shiurim on a wide variety of topics ranging from personal growth, leadership, spirituality, Jewish philosophy, Yom Tovim and Parsha. Now you can stream or download Torah Lectures directly onto your computer or MP3 player in minutes.

This multi-functional communication tool will enable our students even wider access to all our informative and inspirational lectures. Our goal has always been to reveal the inner beauty of the Torah in a way that motivates and inspires the Jewish soul. This is why we work so hard to find the most talented and gifted Rabbis possible, to ensure that each Shiur is an opportunity to forge an even deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Creator.


The Rabbis in the Talmud debated over which was greater - study or practice. After much deliberation it was decided that study was the greater, for it is essential to know in order to practice. Knowledge is the critical component that directs and affects behavior.

Indeed, study for action - the actual process of learning - is the heart and foundation of Jewish life. Torah study is not simply a matter of scrupulous scholarship and academic excellence, rather the purpose of the soul's descent into this world is to absorb G-d's wisdom which leads to the performance of Mitzvot.

Great thinkers marveled in their literature how, "all things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?" The secret of our immortality lies in our being bound with the source of eternal energy, Hashem which is manifested in the Torah. Our continued existence defies classic social anthropology or history. We must realize and accept our uniqueness with a pride of mission. We must commit ourselves to learn the Torah gifted to us so we can live our lives as Jews.

Take the initiative to explore the exciting world of Torah values and ideals by joining us for many of our informative, inspiring, and diverse ongoing learning programs.


Welcome to "Partners in Greatness", a Jewish leadership initiative sponsored by the JHF, established in 2001. Being effective as individuals and organizations is no longer enough. Gaining access to these higher levels of human genius and motivation will require a new mindset. The human spirit is longing to gain fulfillment, experience passion and contribute to society.

Learning Torah in a way that emphasizes character development is a journey of personal and professional discovery. To realize the true benefits of this journey, you must have the desire to risk, learn and stretch to your greatest potential.

"Partners in Greatness" was designed to provide executives, professionals, and Jewish leaders with the opportunity to take some time out of their busy schedules to experience the power of Torah as a catalyst for personal growth and character development.

The process is simple - after you apply you will be called for a brief phone interview to ascertain the specifics of your background, times and study topics. The time between this and finding a study partner is typically one to two weeks. The only thing we ask from you is a time commitment of one half hour a week.


Life can be very challenging and complex. Life coaching is a form of support that helps you in your decision making capacity, be it on a personal, professional, or emotional level. It strives to empower you towards sensible life decisions. Our unique approach based on Torah values and ideals, offers practical solutions and expert advice designed to help you improve the quality of your life.

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you. Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of great performance. It is about individuals identifying purpose and living out that purpose. There is no other relationship in our lives' that consistently offers this extraordinary level of support and encouragement. Far from being considered a sign of weakness or abnormality, maintaining regular contact with a qualified life coach is seen as a sign of status - it indicates that your life is sufficiently complex to warrant analysis by a trained professional. It also shows that you are concerned enough with the quality of your life to be responsible about taking care of it.

Life coaching is a journey of personal and professional discovery. To realize the true benefits of this journey, you must have the desire to risk, learn and stretch to your greatest potential. Without imposing anything or forcing you to radically change your day to day life, life coaching can bring many positive results, focusing on life situations that we wish to change or improve. People who choose life coaching can learn amongst other things to identify their fundamental values and organize their life around those values, transform obstacles draining their energy, discover or rediscover their forgotten dreams or passion, feed their spiritual needs and move towards a job that can fulfill them.

Life coaching is for everyone who wants to be the master of their own destiny and who wish to arm themselves with all the tools they need to reach their true potential. To learn more about how our team of experts can help you, contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.


Marriage today is to a large extent in ruins. In many communities, divorce is the norm, and even in the marriages which survive, it is common to find much disharmony. As conscientious human beings we aspire to achieve harmonious relationships and to enjoy fulfilling marriages. The characteristics that define the essence of a man and a women stem from different spiritual starting points, bequeathing men and women with wholly unique natures and behaviors in the physical world.

Traditional marriage counseling and most relationship books offer problem solving strategies and communication skills. But tackling marriage problems when there is conflict stresses out a relationship and makes a bad marriage worse. We offer an innovative, step-by-step relationship changing system based on Torah principles that can save and restore your marriage. You'll learn to neutralize your problems, and put into practice a system of positive relationship habits that will shift the momentum of your marriage. This program is not marriage counseling. It is Marriage Fulfillment.


Everyone wants to know how to raise children, how to teach them, how to advise them, how to develop them, how to understand them, and how to create families that can live inspired lives. The Torah tells us there is no more important work than that which goes on within the walls of your home. Most parents find raising healthy, well-adjusted children their biggest challenge.

Proactive Parenting will teach you the Torah principles necessary to establish a loving authority within your home, open lines of communication and trust, build an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect and raise children with character and high self esteem.


The Jewish Heritage Foundation is a leading provider of innovative products and assessments focused on the needs of individuals, professionals and organizations worldwide. These tools and services are designed to promote, inform, inspire and empower healthy human development.

Our assessments are of the highest quality and standards. Some of our world renowned brands are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, and The California Psychology Inventory Instrument.

Additionally, we work with Inscape Publishing, a pioneer and leading provider of instrument based assessments and Pearson Assessments who also offers a broad range of instruments to help evaluate adult personality and character.

These assessments are designed to help us understand our temperament, character and intelligence. They also provide valuable information and clues as we search for greater understanding of ourselves and others. This self knowledge is essential as we attempt to maximize our potential and make our unique contribution to the world.

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