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A 2005 Harvard University study of confidence in leadership found that almost two-thirds of Americans think we are suffering from a leadership crisis. The study's respondents showed little confidence in the honesty, integrity and ethics of leaders in sectors ranging from business and religion to local, state... Read More


Neuroplasticity is arguably the greatest and most significant breakthrough in neuroscience research since scientists first sketched out the brain's basic anatomy. This revolutionary discovery overthrows the age-old notion that the brain is fixed and unchanging. This new, scientifically validated, brain-based research... Read More

CHAMPION MINDSET - Rabbi Chaim Zwick

FLOW is a state of mind and body, where peak performance resides. It is a resourceful state where a person performs with complete detachment from self-consciousness or the possibility of failure - where your mind and body work in perfect balance and synergy, totally alert... Read More

GOALS - Rabbi Chaim Zwick

Take a piece of paper and begin to create your own personal dream list. Let your mind flow freely. Imagine that you have no limitations. Imagine that you have all the time, all the money, all the resources, all the intelligence, all the education, all the experience and all the contacts... Read More

TRUE CHARISMA - Rabbi Noach Weinberg Z"tl

A movie star enters the party: strutting, cocky, head raised. His manner shouts: "I'm great and we all know it." The room is silent with awe. Charisma! Judaism calls this counterfeit charisma. The movie star is totally dependent on external factors over which he has no control. Without the adoring fans, he has nothing. Read More

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