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EXPAND YOUR IDEAS - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

Information comes at us from many different sources. But at which point does someone else's idea become something we can call our own? Way #45 is shomey'ah u'mosif, which means "understand and add." It's not enough to hear an idea. You have to study... Read More

LIVING INSPIRED - Rabbi Chaim Zwick

The choice before you is not what kind of life you will have right now, but what kind of life you will have over the next 30, 40 or 50 years. Will you connect to your life mission? Will you fulfill your destiny? Will you leave a legacy over for your children and grandchildren? Will your life count? Read More


In Parshas Kedoshim we are commanded to be holy, "because I, your G-d, am holy." How do we fulfill this Mitzvah of being holy? Furthermore, is it even possible to reach such a lofty level - aren't we all simply creatures of habit, connected and defined by our lower, mundane nature? Read More


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