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Did you ever get on a train going somewhere, only to find that you're headed in the wrong direction? The same thing happens in life. We set goals and make plans - and sometimes discover that we're on "the wrong train." Bi-vinat ha-lave literally means "understanding the heart." The heart is the seat... Read More

PARADIGMS - Rabbi Chaim Zwick

Paradigms are a set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality. They are our core beliefs, our mental filter through which we view the world and make meaning of our experience. They are the culmination of our nature and nurture - they make up the sum total of who we are today. Read More

MASTERING FEAR - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

The Hebrew word yirah means both "to fear" and "to see." Way #6-Yirah -teaches that the essential choice of life is to open our eyes to available opportunities, and to fear the consequences of avoiding that reality. Fear of consequences can be a great motivator in getting the job done quickly... Read More

NO PAIN NO GAIN - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

What is the opposite of pain? Nine out of 10 people will say, "Pleasure." Incorrect. The actual opposite of pain is "no pain" - i.e. comfort. And while comfort may be very nice, it is not the ultimate pleasure. A person who goes through life chasing comfort will be very disappointed at the end - because if you... Read More

SEEK THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

We all have moments of being struck by the awesomeness of life-whether the birth of a baby, a canopy of stars above, a piece of majestic music, or a breathtaking sunset. These experiences are both energizing and calming at the same time. They enable us to break beyond our own limitations... Read More

LOVE CRITICISM - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

Do you love criticism? Probably not. Most people see criticism as a personal attack which triggers all kinds of defense mechanisms. Way #35 is Ohev et ha'toch'achot - literally "love criticism." Sounds ridiculous? Actually, a business will pay big money to hire consultants to tell them everything they're doing wrong! Read More

GETTING INTO REALITY - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

Too many people today are living an illusion. They'll escape into the fabricated world of a movie, or into a virtual reality experience. But isn't the most beautiful reality the one that's real? Isn't it better to see a fantastic sunset than watch it in a movie? To experience the thrill of adventure rather... Read More

PEACE OF MIND - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

Everyone is pro-peace. But when Jews hail each other with that famous greeting, Shalom Aleichem-"peace unto you"-it really refers to a wish for inner peace. Because all the pleasures in the world are just stepping stones to peace of mind. Way #42 is ma'amido al hashalom - literally "set people at peace." Read More

FASCINATION WITH LIVING - Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Z"tl

We've all experienced fascination so great that we're sitting on the edge of our seat. It could be a rollercoaster ride, or a brilliant lecturer, or a breathtaking scene. At that moment we are totally engaged in the thrill of living. That's why a crisis-though frightening-is so stimulating. It demands 100 percent attention... Read More


We live in a generation characterized by chaos, confusion and anxiety. With no organized frame of reference, our lives are out of context and the world appears haphazard and arbitrary. Since our inner life is built on mental and emotional quicksand, we lack inner peace, happiness and fulfillment. Read More

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