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Sefer Title/Description No. of shiurim Maggid shiur
OUTREACH JUDAISM Powerful responses to many of Judaism's challenging questions 39 Rabbi Tovia Singer

WHY BE JEWISH? 1 Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
DEEPER PATTERNS IN TORAH THOUGHT A Collection of lectures exploring the depth & profundity of Jewish Thought 106 Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
JEWISH PHILOSOPHY Stimulating and energizing presentations on Jewish ethics and philosophy 253 Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
PATHWAYS IN JEWISH THOUGHT Inspiring lectures exploring intellectual & spiritual growth 55 Rabbi Mordechai Becher
JEWISH THOUGHT A rational approach to many of life's complex issues 7 Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen
MYSTICAL MODELS Collection of Shiurim exploring the depth of Jewish Thought from a mystical perspective 16 Rabbi David Aaron
THOUGHTS ON THE PARSHA Journey in the depths and profundity of the parsha 48 Harav Aaron Lopiansky
JEWISH HOLIDAYS The Jewish Holidays through a unique perspective 23 Harav Aaron Lopiansky
ASK THE RABBI Answers to many of Judaism's challenging questions 49 Harav Aaron Lopiansky
PIRKEI AVOS Practical lessons for daily living 108 Rabbi Sroy Levitansky
LIFE LESSONS Secrets to successful living 23 Rabbi Sroy Levitansky
PARSHA Practical advice gleaned from the weekly Parsha 36 Rabbi Sroy Levitansky
MARRIAGE A look into the inner meaning of marriage

2 Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
DEATH & MOURNING Tapping the power of simcha as a vehicle for healing 1 Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
EDUCATION Foundational principles of parenting and chinuch
2 Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
CHASSIDIC PHILOSOPHY Journey into the inner dimension of reality 96

INSPIRING JEWISH TOPICS Insights into daily living 14 Rabbi Binny Freedman
PATHWAY TO GREATNESS The wisdom of our sages 12 Rabbi Noach Weinberg

SHABBOS Growing through Shabbos 42 Rabbi Yaakov Labinsky
FINDING YOUR TRUE SELF Strategies for real & lasting change 5 Rabbi Abraham Twerski
SUFFERING - WHY ME? Growing through adversity 2 Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman
LIFE CHALLENGES Tests: Building blocks to a life of greatness 5 Rabbi Fischel Shachter
PROFILES IN HISTORY History like you've never experienced it before 60 Rabbi Berel Wein

TORAH INSPIRATION Lectures to arouse the heart & soul 5 Rav Paysach Krohn
MESILLAS YESHARIM   66 Rabbi Ari Taback

DAAS TEVUNOS   27 Rabbi Ari Taback

JEWISH PHILOSOPHY & KABBALAH   36 Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov
LIVING ON PURPOSE Addressing the ultimate questions of human existence 4 Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
VARIETY OF TOPICS Fascinating lectures on timely topics 5 Various

INSPIRING JEWISH TOPICS Exploring strategies for developing meaningful relationships 13 Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
REINCARNATION A Torah perspective 3 Rav Zev Leff

HISTORY OVERVIEW Path-breaking journey in Jewish History 9 Rabbi Ken Spiro

TIMELY TOPICS Practical lessons in daily living 10 Rabbi Shmuel Irons

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