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WELCOME to the Keser Torah Worldwide website - a project of the Jewish Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

A true leader provides us with a new perspective on life, continually inspiring us to expand our narrow field of vision. When we are preoccupied with our self interests - be they petty or great - a leader sends out a wake- up call, alerting us to the true priorities in life.

Their message is simple and yet essential: A vision for life itself. They provide us with a long term vision that imbues our lives with purpose and meaning. Genuine leaders show us how our every action is an indispensible part of a purposeful whole. They inspire us with their words, their Torah, and their global vision, to change ourselves and the world we live in - in a productive, real, and meaningful way.

Secular leaders are judged by what they have - power, charisma, and wealth. But a true leader should be judged by what he does not have - ego, arrogance, and self interest.

A true leader sees his work as a selfless service toward a higher purpose. Leadership is not power and dominance - it is servitude. This does not mean that a leader is weak, for he derives great strength from his dedication to a purpose greater than himself.

Throughout the generations we have been nourished by the visionary leadership of our Gedolia Tzaddikim. We drink from their words and they continue to be our source of life. With great reverence, awe, and humility, we, at Keser Torah have embarked on a compelling mission - the daunting task of providing Klal Yisroel with shiurim and lectures featuring works from many of Judaism's greatest luminaries.

With over 5,000 inspirational shiurim available - Jews from all walks of life can now thirstily drink and be nourished, lifted up, and inspired by the words of our greatest leaders.

All of this would not have been possible without the selfless and tireless work of our entire team of Rabbis, educators, writers, editors, programmers and administrative staff. Additionally, we want to express our Hakoras Hatov to the many individuals throughout the world who have recognized the critical importance of our work and have committed themselves to do whatever it takes to help us fulfill our important mission. To our entire team, we thank you for all your hard work and dedication. In the merit of this great Mitzvah, may you see Bracha and Hatzlocha in all your endeavors.

To our listeners, we invite you to browse our website and take advantage of this unique opportunity to delve into the Torah's timeless recipe for personal growth, inspiration, and character development. May the inner beauty of the Torah as revealed in the words of our Sages be a catalyst to unlock our greatest potential as human beings, and the springboard to a more meaningful relationship with our Creator.

Organizational Profile:

As one of the premier educational and research institutes worldwide, the JHF continues to successfully initiate innovative methods of promoting the Torah's wisdom. To accomplish this, the Foundation offers a vast array of projects and programs including our comprehensive website, Torah phone line, and inspirational classes and learning programs.

Our educational philosophy is based on a two step model of INSPIRATION and INTEGRATION. Torah and mitzvoth are not dull, boring and lifeless rituals - but opportunities for personal growth and character development to be studied and understood and then integrated in real life situations.

We look to the future with great hope and anticipation as we strive to fulfill our mission with integrity and a commitment to excellence.


To motivate and inspire people through the power of Torah and help empower them to make positive, strengthening choices that enable them to enter into a deep, meaningful relationship with their creator.

Core Values:

  • To hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Honor and respect the dignity of all people
  • Honesty & Integrity above all else
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and growth

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